Bachelor of Information Technology (Honors)

About Program

The faculty grants a bachelor’s degree in Computing and Information Systems in four years divided into eight semesters, in the following disciplines.

  1. Business Computing:
  2. The program combines the content and essence of computer science, business administration and economics to prepare graduates who are able to work in businesses that need computing experience. This program is designed for students seeking a high level of knowledge from business concepts and information systems applications to find solutions to contemporary administrative problems. Students acquire the necessary skills to integrate hardware, software and administrative capabilities to solve problems in specific functional areas of management.

  3. Network Management and Design:
  4. This program is designed to provide students with the necessary understanding and skills to design and manage computer networks. The graduate of the program acquires:

    1. an understanding of the complex role of networks in companies.
    2. ability to operate, manage and design secure networks in line with the growing global demand for capable practitioners.
    3. addressing network security threats and understanding defense plans and mechanisms.